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Biosimilar Workshop is a platform to provide the practical skills and knowledge required to acquire a firm position in an industry.

We host programs which can build the bridge between an individual and an industry with numerous opportunity of learning and interaction with experts and leaders from the industry. Programs such as skill development program, biopharma exhibition, biopharma jobmela and leadership conclave are very fruitful to enhance your required skill set to present yourself in the emerging biopharmaceutical industry.

Skill development program consist training program on Biopharmaceutical product development with hands-on training to participants on every critical step of the biopharmaceutical development process i.e., cell line development and upstream processing, downstream processing, biophysical characterisation and critical quality attributes (CQA) analysis, with a focus on monoclonal antibodies.

Cell line development covers areas of cell culture, transfection, cell line development, clone selection and process development using theoretical and experimental strategy.

Downstream process purification and formulation is designed to introduce the principles of downstream techniques employed in the biopharmaceutical industry, its application and recent technologies advances, knowledge of the operation maintenance and troubleshooting of centrifuges, filtration systems, TFF systems and chromatography systems.

Biophysical characterisation of biologics and biosimilars will help in understanding protein structure formulation development and late-stage formulation development of protein therapeutics.

Critical Quality Attributes of biologics and biosimilars highlights the understanding of PTMs and glycosylation process, factors affecting glycosylation, fundamentals of mass spectroscopy, capillary electrophoresis and data interpretation.

Leadership Conclave is a stage for a discussion on various issues and agendas by leading stakeholders and experts; comprising detailed talk, understanding of the different point of views. A proactive, rapid and strategic approach from all the stakeholders of the biopharmaceutical industry is desired to generate and sustain the “Human Capital” to accelerate the growth of the biopharmaceutical and future industries which are based on a more in-depth understanding of biology and manufacturing.









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Our team of highly motivated individuals always ready to provide quality solutions and find innovative ways to help Individuals & our Industry

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Dr. Ratnesh Jain

Convenor : Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
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Dr. Prajakta Dandekar Jain

Co-Convenor : Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
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Ms. Ashwini Patil

Conference Co - ordinator
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Mr. Ameya N. Parkar

Project Assistant
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Ms. Priyanka Pandya

Project Assistant
(Business development)